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Welcome to Misty's Special Products and Home Catalog

Please take a few minutes and browse through Misty's Special Products and Home catalog store. We have many items available, and welcome any comments, questions, and suggestions you may have.  Here at Misty Mountain Maltese, we only want the best for you and your pet. After all, if you are not happy, then we are not happy!

WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS! Simply give us a call!


We have Gift Certificates available in increments starting at $5.00, and up! They are available to purchase, write your own personal message, and print them yourself! You can even email them directly to that special person! Just click on the "buy a gift certificate" button, and create your personalized gift certificate.......!


Misty's Bright White Shampoo made especially for white coats. We have found the perfect mixture of only the best products available, for the perfect silky white coats. It is recommended to use with Misty's silky soft conditioners which keeps their delicate skin soft, and silky coats shining and manageable.

$8.99 8 oz bottle *OUT OF STOCK*

Misty's Silky Soft Conditioner is made using a perfect blend of only the best products available today. Our own special conditioner keeps their skin soft, and silky white coats shining and manageable.

$8.99 8 oz Bottle *OUT OF STOCK*

Misty's New Improved Leave-n-Conditioner is made using the perfect combination of the best products available today. Misty's Leave-n-Conditioner comes in a spray bottle, and used while brushing and blow drying to keep their brilliant coats soft, flowing and matt free!

$6.99 8 oz Bottle *OUT OF STOCK*

Misty's Snowy EyesMisty has the safest and best product available to keep those ugly tear stains away, and eyes sparkling black! This unique product is simply added to their food. Only 1/8 tsp. daily for puppies up to 3 months old. As an adult Maltese, only 1/4 tsp. is needed for up to 5 lbs. In addition to having no more tear stains, it contains 100% natural chicken liver and essential vitamins to promote the overall health, and silkly coat of the Maltese We have the lowest prices, and best product on the market today!!! Mistys Snowy Eyes is now NEW, IMPROVED, LOWER PRICES, and is chicken flavored that our "kids" love.

$21.99 1oz Bottle
$51.99 3 oz Bottle
$64.99 4 oz Bottle

These rope chews help to keep teeth clean!! They are made of a multi-colored cotton blend, and highly recommended to help with dental care of your loving pets.


Mistys Tiny Tug 5.5" Bear and Bunny are darling colorful toys your dog won't be able to resist. Each toy is durability tested and made from top quality materials. $1.99 each.

Bear Tug
Bunny Tug

One of the most favorable grooming products for the silky long coats of the maltese, is the stainless steel pin top performance brushes with the comfort tips which are gentle on the skin and coat. Great for brush outs, and guaranteed for life. Available in small, medium and large. Please order on our Catalog page #3.


The chewy sticks are 100% natural cowhide. They are highly recommended by Veterinarians.

$2.50 pack of 25***OUT OF STOCK***

These super strong adjustable collars fits all. the strongest collar for your growing puppy. Unique, adjustable, and easy to use quick release buckle. Made of Nylon material. Available in Green and Teal only. Please specify color. (not intended for tie out use) six 3/8"x10">

$3.50 eachOR Buy the matching set for only $7.50 and SAVE!

These leads are single-ply nylon web leads. Available in Green and Teal only)

$4.75 eachOr Buy the matching set for $7.50 and SAVE!

These pet odor exterminator candles are highly recommended by Veterinarians. Great for all household pet odors. The enzyme formulated candle attacts and removes pet odors while burning. Great for Cigarette smoke too!! The scents are, Pumpkin & Spice, Honeydew melon, Orange Blossom, Cinnamin Apple, Mango Delight, Fresh Strawberries, Rose Petals, Sugared Cranberry, Mulberry & Spice, Lavender, Clothesline Fresh, and Vanilla Bean. Our available scents are specified below. $7.95 each. LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE.

Pumpkin & Spice
Honeydew Melon
Orange Blossom
Cinnamon Apple
Mango Delight
Fresh Strawberries
Rose Petals
Sugared Cranberry
Mulberry & Spice
Clothesline Fresh
Vanilla Bean

Misty Mountain Maltese Gift Certificate. Available to purchase in increments of $5.00 and up.

Misty's Li'l Pals Double Sided Combs are perfect for puppies and toy breeds. The teeth are smooth, round, gentle on the skin, helps break up mats, and removes tangles!

$3.99 each Out of stock

Mistys Bear Blankies Only $5.99 each! These plush Bear Blankies are 16"x16", durability tested, and made from soft top quality materials.

Pink $5.99

Misty's Bear Blankies only $5.99 each!

Blue $5.99

These THERAPET, fleece pet beds combine thick fleece, with a bolster-style cushioning of a snuggle bed. Perfect for use in wire crates, plastic carriers, dog houses, vehicles or just as a stand-alone bed. Stays cool in the summer, and holds your dog's heat in the winter. Size is 17 3/4" x 11 3/4", and come available in Pink, and Burgundy....! Only $5.99 each.


Maltese Companions absorbent Coasters $7.99 (set of 4)

Misty's own Maltese Pet Note pads, are darling creative notepads that are Magnetic, and include a magnetic pencil! Only $2.99 each.

These Fancy Furr Bones are perfect for your playful pet. Each toy is 7" long, duraility tested, and made from top-quality materials. Available in Red/White, and Blue/White only. $2.59 each.


Double Layer Heart Collar Charms $3.99 each.


Luxury Argyle Sweater - This trendy argyle sweater keeps your darling warm, and looks great too! Features ribbed neck and cuffs, side button accents, and a fashionable argyle design on back. Includes a leash hole for easy access to collar. Pink Only..Size X-Small $6.99 each.

SORBAY PET ORAL CARE.......SORBAY is a pet oral mist that eliminates both Dog snd Cat Tarter as well as UGLY pet breath!!! The Sorbay is highly recommended by Veterinarians, and the Technology is a patented blend of active ingredients, which has been shown to undermine the canine & feline tarter, and facilitate the removal of these tarters from the teeth. The three active ingredients are citric acid, tannic acid, and sodium lauryl sulfate. ALL are found in nature, and all have FDA approved uses in food products. The mist formulation is intended only for pet oral care. Our darling pets need not be subjected to the risks of anesthesia, which accompany the traditional scraping of tarter from the teeth by a veterinarian. Since the active ingredients have a strong antibacterial actvity, the use of Sorbay Pet Oral Care Mist will likely be accompanied by a reduced incidence of a variety of bacteria related oral problems, including the elimination of "dog and cat breath"!!! Sorbay is so easy to use..NO brushing, simply spray the mist in contact with the tartar on their teeth!! How easy is that? Just as our own Snowy eyes, it works!!!


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